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Yay! One fic up finally. Like Poetry the fic will get it's own page when I feel motivated to give it it's own page.  So until then enjoy this little fic.
FYI: This fic was writen purly for the silliness aspect. As well as to get rid of writers's block. So don't expect it to make much sense.

Silliness Pure Silliness

   Night fills the windows of a small little college apartment; all sane people have long been asleep. But the insistent clacking of computer keys still rings in tiny apartment 4A. A frustrated authoress fighting the constraints of writer's block and the nagging of the characters that seem to have taken up residence in her mind.  

   " `Darkness blankets the land before the rising dawn' Gag no that doesn't work…The dark seeps back to the pores of the earth with the meeting of the rising sun…Gee what a surprise No again!" muttered the tortured mind.
   " Why don't you go to bed we could all use the rest. Besides we're all tired."
    "Who asked you and besides that, where's Lina I thought she was your spokesman, oh wait spokes woman. And how can you be tired, Zel, you are all just voices? Aren't you?"
   "Ah you poor thing. We've always been more then voices…but right now we choose to be here and since you're tired so are we and as for Lina she went to sleep along time ago that's why you're in the state you are and that's why you aren't Hungry anymore."
   "So that explains my eating habits… Well that's a little less to worry about. But what do you mean you're not just voices? I'm the one imagining this insanity aren't I?"
   "Just go to bed and we'll explain everything when we get there tomorrow morning."
    "Huh? Zel? What do you mean tomorrow? And when you get here?"
   "Zel? ZEL? LINA? DUO? ANYBODY? Or is that any voice?"
   "Damn nothing there. This has deffinatly gotten out of hand! I'm the one that is supposed to cause those conversations not the voices! I think I'll be laying off the pixie sticks for awhile. Maybe I should just go to bed and see what happens in the morning…who knows this could get interesting. That would be a first."  

    Early next morning, Angi awoke to the crashing noises of the construction going on next door and the annoying howling of her neighbor's dog. " Oh joy what away to wake up. I can tell this day's gonna be hell." With that she got up and hurriedly dressed throwing on a pair of jeans shorts and a tee-shirt before sitting down and listening to the reassuring hum of her hard drive booting up.  "Now to get down to business. Lets see what to write about" she thought to herself, remembering the odd dream she had the night before of carrying on a conversation with the characters she liked to write about. "My own personal insane asylum and more. Hmm… Maybe that would work as a story basis. I need to get rid of this block or Jessi's going to be the only one working on our stories anymore."  
   "I" smack "need" thump "something" bang "to write" crash "about!"  
   "You know you really shouldn't do that to yourself. You know how it upsets Duo and we don't need the Braided Menace running around on any "missions" do we?"
   "Who? What the hell?" Angi said spinning around in her chair and jumping up (don't you just love office chairs?) Her eyes got wide as she fell back into her chair staring at the spectacle before her. There they were the voices…the self created voices of boredom but they were alive? How did that happen? "Who the Hell are you people and what do you think you're doing in MY house?"
   "Angi! There you are I've missed you these past few days! Of course you know who we are silly!" said an unusually cheery voice from the back of the group. "Would you guys get out of my way" and said voice pushed to the front of the group, all smiles and sparkling eyes, with one long braid bouncing behind him.
   "Okay now this is definitely getting too weird for comfort. And why is everything getting blurry?" With that Angi promptly left the land of the living, falling in to a deep and most likly needed sleep.
   "Um do you guys think we should do something?" asked a perplexed Duo.
   "Maybe, but what's in it for us?" stated Lina, who was busily sorting through the kitchen cabinets for something to snack on.
   "Oh I don't know, but I don't think that she would be happy if we just left her there laying on the floor."
    "You know Zel I think you have a point. Help me move her over there to the bed. Hopefully she'll feel better when she wakes up."
   "You mean if she wakes up Duo."
   "Shut up Lina!"

    Through that night and into the next day Angi slept, blissfully unaware of the havoc being carried out in her tiny apartment. Her sleep was monitored by a worried Duo Maxwell, while her kitchen was ransacked by Lina and later Ryouga when he finally found his way to the apartment (a first for him).  Luckily for them they never found her well-laden stash of candy, though Zel did deplete her of her chocolate flavored coffees.
    "Hey guys what do I do when she wakes up?" called Duo from the bedroom where they had stashed the body…I mean… where they let Angi sleep.
   "I don't know why are you asking me? I'm trying to play this idiotic video game" spouted a frustrated Zel.
   "Just do what you want. Not that you've ever done differently" replied Ryouga, who was happily munching on microwave popcorn.  
   "Gee thanks guys for your overwhelming enthusiasm," spouted Duo who was growing steadily more and more frustrated.
   "Sure, No problem glade to be of service" claimed Lina, who was busy trying to figure out how that microwave thingy majiger, that Ryouga used, worked.  
   During this discourse Angi began to wake up and on the fringes of the waking world she didn't like what she was hearing. Cracking an eye and looking around, she realized that she must have been moved into her bedroom, because to her right she could see the vague outline of her computer, but it was still blurred by the sleep in her eyes. At the moment she didn't see anyone in the room and decided that it was time she was up and out of this psycho ward.

    "Great! You're awake!" cried a disgustingly cheerful voice from the doorway. Cringing at her seeming misfortune she looked over at the door to find the Braided Menace himself, Duo Maxwell, standing there with a can of Mt. Dew in hand.
   "Yeah great," she responded in a deadpan voice.
    With a quizzical raise of a brow, Duo walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.  "You don't seem very happy to see us. And here we thought that you'd enjoy a visit from your favorite people," the smirk on his face and the barley contained laughter in his voice was enough to make Angi fall back against the pillows in exasperation.  
   "Ever the mellow dramatic" he laughed, handing her the can of pop and producing another for himself from somewhere.  
   "How would you know?" she asked taking the can from him and not really noticing when the second appeared.  
   "A figure of speech?" he offered as an excuse, as he extended a hand to help her sit up again.
    "So what's the big deal with just showing up all of a sudden, and why here? I've got enough problems as it is with out a house full of people," she spat out.
   "Well… The long and short of it is…you see… We just wanted to get out for awhile and thought that this would be as good a place as any other," Duo explained after taking a sip from the pop. "And besides it was…um…my idea," he added quickly, taking a drink to hide the light blush.  
   "Oh really your idea was it?" she pushed, trying to keep from laughing. "Now why would a pilot wanna come and visit lil'old me? And what was this that Zel was saying that you got upset with pounding on the key board?" she asked craning her neck trying to get a look at the pilots now beat red face.  
   "Ah…Um…I think I'll go see if Zel will give up that video game now," and with that Duo tried to make a quick exit with out running…too fast…with Angi's good natured laughing following him.

    "Looks like the Braided Menace has struck again," commented Lina with out looking up from her bowl of popcorn, which she finally ended up having Ryouga make for her.
   "I don't think so Lina," said Zel, "looks like it was the other menace in the house."
    "Oh you mean Angi got the best of the Trickster of Death?" she asked laughing.
   During this Duo had flopped himself down onto the couch looking like a cat that's just had his tail stepped on. "
   My god that woman is irritating."
   "Aww poor Duo, you only have yourself to blame you know she's used your attitude as an example, and besides you sound like Wufei when you say that," counseled Zel from the floor about a foot from the TV still playing the video games.  

   While the group was talking Angi's laughter had subsided into giggles then to silence as she got up and tried to make herself as presentable as possible for her unexpected guests. She couldn't help but feel like a hobbit with a dozen dwarfs sitting in the parlor. "Though Lina eats like all twelve together," she thought and smiled brushing out her hair and pulling it back into a ponytail before walking to the door of the living room. Counting now only three people she looked around for the missing person. "Where's Ryouga?" she asked, walking the rest of the way into the room, and smirking as the remaining few jumped practically out of their skin.  
   "Heef ought `ookin for ood, muft of gought `osst," mumbled Lina around a mouth full of frosted animal crackers.
   "Could someone translate that for me?" asked Angi, taking up a place on the couch next to Duo. "I'm not to familiar with foodesse."
   Swallowing, and glaring around the room, Lina cleared her throat and spoke up, "I said that `He's out looking for food and must have gotten lost."
   "Oh okay if you say so."  Angi just sighed and slouched down against the cushions of the couch, silently laughing at how frustrated Zel was getting with the video game as the significance of Ryouga's disappearance sank in.
   "Hold on! If Ryouga's out getting food…Oh god…"
   "Um Lina I don't think you guys should have had those last few "snacks" of yours," suggested Duo.
   "Snacks? More like feasts," snapped Angi standing up and walking to the door picking up her car keys along the way, "Well if you guys sent Ryouga out for food I doubt there'll be any left by the time he makes his way back here next week or the week after. So I suppose I'd better head to the store. Does anybody want to come along."
   "No I've almost beat this level," shouted Zel still on the floor in front of the TV.
   "I think I'll stay here and relax for awhile, why don't you take Duo with you to help carry everything," suggested Lina who was now laying stretched out cross the lounge chair and foot stool.
"All right sounds like a plan. Coming Duo?" called Angi as she stepped out the door and hopped down the few steps to the sidewalk.