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As of now all poetry on this page is (C) to Myself.
And when I feel motivated I'll give each poem it's own page. Till then enjoy.

:Home that is what I long to see:
I've sailed the seas of fate
With Heart and Soul
By my side
My Heart pledged with bonds of love
My Soul pledged with bonds of blood
Together we three would search the world
For that which we longed for
Together forever they both said
By the side till the end
For eternity my Heart said
To Hell and back again spoke my Soul

In the end my Heart left me
For another?
Perhaps not.
My Soul is, was still with me
By my side
To hell and back again
Turns out Hell is longer then eternity
But even Hell and Eternity don't last forever
And here I am again
With out a home

:I am:
The eyes that watch from the shadows
I am
The night that clouds the sky
I am
The breeze that races the storm
I am
The dark wind that caresses the skin
I am
The heart that sings the song
I am
The mind that casts the shadows
I am
The soul that soars the sky
I am
The spirit that stays the storm
I am
The passion that burns the skin
I am
The love that wrote the song
I am


I hold these broken wings
Now all hope is lost
Left for the frost
On this cold winters day
I pick my way
Through the shards like glass
That lay in the grass
My broken wings
And shattered dreams
Tiny little tears
Fall like pearls
To blur the vision
And soften the edges
Of my shattered dreams

:Where They Fear:

The dark side of the soul
As bleak as the black moon
Here silence reins
But it's is my life
Alone I walk in my own little hell
Because here is where
Even Angels fear to tread
But it's my life
Full of dread full of hate
The bittersweet taste of love
Burns the heart, searing the soul
But it's my life
Alone I live in my own little hell
Because here is where
Even Angels fear to tread

Where Even Angels Fear to Tread
Hate, Dread, fear

My own little hell

All works (C) Teressa Cole 2001