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The current updates are at the top of the page...the most recent past updates are at the bottom of the list.

New Updates:

5-18-2002 10:21 pm
    Contrary to suspision this site isn't dead...I just haven't been interested in it...With the new size limit Tripod is imposing on free sites (and the fact that I'm a college student and thus poor and can't aford to upgrade and don't feel like hunting for new hosting) I don't really  have any room to do anything with the site..which is why for now the Yahoo Messenger skins section of the site will be no more. I appologize for this..but I figured the winamp skins and wallpapers were too valuable to get rid of and I doubted anyone really used the Yahoo skins anyways.

Past Updates:

3-20-2002 10:08 pm
Wow it's been awhile since I've updated...hehe Don't blame me blame my professors for giveing me too much work hehe...Oh well... Anyways onto the important stuff...I've found a new toy...a screen saver maker.....<GRINS> So I've been playing with it like crazy and soon I may have some screen savers up here soon...So keep your eyes open I should have them up in a few days at least!

2-17-2002  4:16 pm
True to my word the new Weib Kreuz and Chobits skins are up and working. Hopefully I'll have more once I get some more pictures...heh I'll be "stealing" a couple art books a friend picked up.

2-12-2002 1:50pm
Hi everyone, There's a new section up and running and soon I'll have some new winamp skins posted and ready to use. Till then have fun and make sure you check out the new Humor section.

1-30-2002 4:21 pm
Oh my god can you believe how long it's been since I've updated? Bad college studant bad....hehe well...Sorry for the delay but soon I should have some new skins up and working...I'm working on Chobits, Houshin Engi, and Weib Kreuz skins....As well as a new humor section.

11-8-2001   8:40pm
Yay here it is the new scheme I've been working on for god know's how long!
The new site is up and running and purrin like a kitten enjoy!
and don't forget to check out the random silliness pics that this page will now host!
A new picture has been added to the Fanart Section.
Three new wallpapers have been posted. You can find them in the Multimedia section.
Three new winamp skins have been posted. One new Gundam skin, and Two new Magic Knight Rayearth skins. Enjoy
There's a new section up and running, for the sake of getting rid of boredom. Take a peak and see how many you recognize.
Two New portraits in the Original Art Section.
Well I put up a New Random Silliness picture. From now On you'll find it in it's very own section.
10:40pm   OK what you've all been waiting for, the real update.
    First off there are two new winamp skins posted. One DBZ and One in the Various skins section. Both new skins can be found at the bottom of their respected sections.
    Second, more characters have been posted in the Pocket Bishonen/Bishoujo Section.
    Third, there is finally a fic in the fanfiction section.

9:00pm    All Right. Here's the deal, in the light of some people badgering me about updating *everyday* I've decided to remind everyone, Yes I do have a life outside of the internet and anime, so I don't have time to update every single day. I think of it as a treat to see a new update twice, maybe three times a week. So I think you should be satisfied with it to. So please quit bugging me about it already.
    Any ways. I'd also like to point out that periodically I rearrange things on the site...Little things like updating the Random Silliness Pic from a black and white version to colored version...But I don't necessarily post it in the updates section. So if you're curious you're just going to have to look and find out for yourself. Consider it a game of Internet Hide and Seek, Cyber Eye Spy or something. But please don't bug me about updating anymore. Believe me just because a week may go by without a major update don't worry the site hasn't been abandoned...I'm probably home visiting family. I hope this clears somethings up, at least it had better have ^_~.
    Now that all of that unpleasantness is out of the way, On with the real update. I have updated The Random Silliness Pic with a quick colored version. As well, Later on tonight some time I should have a winamp skins update, and maybe a silly fan fic to share with everyone. So just be patient, you'll get your anime fix soon enough.
Okay know there hasn't been any new updates for a few days...but I went home to see my little Brother and my Dad for their birthdays...and these past couple of days I've been back it has been way too flippin hot to do anything but sit and melt into a gooey puddle in front of the fan... Hopefully soon I'll convince my dad to come down and put the window air conditioner in.. but till then wish me luck...Hopefully I won't melt too soon... <grumbles about the evil heat index> So till then. It's up in the air as too how much I update till it cools down.

11:42 pm

Well I'm back! Like you guys really care but oh well. So anyway down to business, There's a new winamp skin up. It's from the anime Gundam 008th MS Team, the one showing on Cartoon Network's Midnight run. There is also a new wallpaper up, it's of Lantis from the anime Magic Night Rayearth.

    Today is the first day that things are back to normal around here. For the past week my younger borhter was visiting, and now I've finally realized just how flipping boring it really is here. So anyways I was drawing and I came up with a new picture...and I realized there was another picture that I had drew, colored, and scanned yet forgot to post, so that's up two.
I hope you enjoy them.
Oh and those can be found in the Original art's section. All new art is at the bottom.


    Yay! A new skins update! There are four new skins. One New Gundam Wing skin. One new 008th MS Team skin. And Two new Outlaw Star skins.

11:43 pm
 Ok all the yahoo skins should be working now too


    Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been dealing with trying to get all of the zip files to work again. Well as of right now...through a slip shod manner all the winamp skins are up and working...when I actually feel like dealing with the hassle of setting up a new page, I'll get the yahoo skins up..but I'm taking a break from it for now...a week worth of hassles and my classes start on the 20th of this there's much to be done and not a lot of time to do it in.

Hello everyone =) Well people around here are being tossed back into classes this week so i just have a small update for you all.  It's in the random silliness section.

Well Everyone.....(Those of you who care that is) No I'm not dead...Just busy beyond all belief ~_~ But, college life will do that to you.

I wanted to let you all know that the skins are now all linked properly on the tripod network =) YAY!! (And there was much rejoicing)

Amoung other news, I just picked up "The Art of Gundam Wing" The art book Viz put out...So  be expecting some new skins and wallpapers from that...

Second subnote...I and my friends have started watching Arc the Lad, so be expecting some skins from that too =)

1:04 pm
Just a quick update, I've added four new winamp skins...Two for the CLAMP series Clamp Campus Detectives, and Two for the series Arc the Lad.

6 New pictures in the art galleries four in the original art and 2 in the ficart section.

6:41 pm
Alright guys here's the deal to save me headaches I'll not be updating the page till I have the new site design up and running...